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BIC Soleil Escape Razor

Bic was looking for a highly social campaign to launch their revamped line of scented handle razors. A program that will entice you to escape from your mundane norms of shaving and kick it up a notch. On a tight budget we created original assets, numerous facebook, instagram, tiktok, snapchat and influencer posts along with a series of digital ads. Supporting display at Walmart and beyond, Tickle your Senses increased sales and reach through social interaction, so much so that Bic decided to continue and expand the scented line in 2023. We can't wait to see what's next!

Key Visual
Large Format Lobby Display
Medium Format Lobby Display
Pergola Display
Lobby Display
Shelf Sign
Social Activation
On Premise Food Pairing
On Premise Bar Kit

Brancott Estate Summer Promotion


Pernod Wine's wanted a new and different campaign for their Summer Brancott Estate's Sauvignon Blanc. Extending upon their "new perspective" global campaign, we created a program that would change the perspective of white wine drinkers this summer. We used the synergistic energy that all things bright

and white have, along with summer's hottest color (white) to help Brancott stand out in store. By giving consumers a fresh way of looking at wine and inspiration for hosting their summer gatherings our in-store displays and on-prem activations made this campaign one the sales force couldn't resist. The concept included BE Blanc Parties kicking off summer and engaging culture seekers to try and love our wine, and a partnership with Refinery29 pushing out brand content to influencers.

Back To School
National Meatball Day
Fall Football
Fall Football FSI
Website Header
Photoshoot imagery

Cooked Perfect Meatballs 


Mom is always looking for a quick easy solution that she doesn't have to feel guilty about serving her family. That is exactly what Cooked Perfect Meatballs are. No matter the occasion "Say it with Meatballs". We created a campaign showcasing all the occasions CP Meatballs are essential for. With beautiful photography, it's easy to create visuals that captivate our consumers in-store, on web, digital animation and through a variety of tactics. We kept the design simple knowing how quick we need to grab consumers attention for occasions like weeknight dinners, back to school, holidays, and super bowl.

Concept Visual
In Restaurant Printed
Poster & Training Card
Social & Digital Screens
Sweeps Microsite



The ABI client tasked us with creating a custom program for local "mom & pop" bars & restaurants during the summer months. They wanted a campaign different from the national initiatives but still speak true to the brand, while captivating the bars owners enough to buy/participate in. We developed the Great American Burger Trail. A concept capitalizing on the flexibility of small shops, and their ability to customize their menu offerings. The summer is always known for burger consumption & travel. We put the two together in a burger road trip experience. Each time you visit your favorite local bar, you can try another burger from the trail. Each burger paired with Bud (and ABIs other beer brands) represents locations in America and the cultural/local offerings of that destination. A edible travel experience right at your favorite bar spot! 

Win a Trip to NYC Heisman Weekend
Promotional Packaging
Promotional Hutch Display
Corner Wrap, Standee & Mini Hutch
Actual Displays in Walmart
Actual Displays in Walmart
Desmond Howard Photoshoot
Behind the Scenes at Photoshoot
Facebook Post

Cheez-it & Pringles

Kellogg’s snacks consumers love college Football – we tapped into this passion point through a strategic partnerships with ESPN & Heisman. The challenge was to grow sales and share during key weeks of September to capture tailgate shoppers. We created a program celebrating college football by owning the first night of Heisman weekend, kicking it off with a party hosted by Desmond Howard. Shoppers purchased specially designed packs to enter our sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip to NYC for Heisman weekend & attend Kellogg's Heisman Tailgate Party. 3 ways to enter: Snap a photo & share it using a hashtag, enter at, or find a code inside pack & enter it at (Kellogg's reward site). With a tailgating event, in-store displays, promotional packaging, partnership brochure with high value coupons, digital activation, as well as retail specific & sales team incentives the program exceeded expected sales and was a huge success. Kellogg's decided to run the program for a second year in 2015.

Red Shed Key Visual
Large Format In-store Display
Modular Instore Displays
Shelf Sign & VR google cardboard
Social & Instore
On Premise elements
VIP event at concert
VIP Concert Outdoor
Final released art

Brancott Estate partners with Lady Antebellum


Brancott Estates has partnered with Lady A for 3 years prior. With this being their final year, Pernod Ricard Wines asked us to develop a platform reaching Lady A fans & wine consumers on-premise, off-premise, digital, and at concert locations for 2017. After pitching 3 distinct ideas, we landed on a concept that puts Brancott as a brand in the forefront, while still finding a nice synergy with Lady Antebellum and their fans. Get on the Road to the Red Shed allows fans and consumers to get closer and closer to the band like never before. They will discovering the roots of where the band came from through viral videos and social while unveiling the journey Brancott Estate has taken from their red shed in New Zealand, to your glass. 

Make Some Noise Concept Visual
In Restaurant Singage
Digital TV & Tablet
Digital Sweepstakes
Server Training Cards

Bud Light NFL at Buffalo Wild Wings

Only Bud Light can bring the energy and team spirit to Buffalo Wild Wings with their official NFL partnership. After years of sameness, we were tasked with creating a unique regional program bringing team marks to local BWW destinations. Decking the restaurant with team colors and logos, customers flocked to the bar on game day to cheer on their home team. Signage & digital interactions were customized by location to bring fans their favorite team encouraging them to get loud and "Make Some Noise". Punch out megaphones were distributed with every draft order of Bud Light, and some locations raffled unique prizes to keep fans coming back for more.

The Amazing Spiderman 2
Promotional Hutch Display
Promotional Packaging
Promotional Packaging
Game App Screen

Cheez-it, Keebler Crackers & Cookies


Spider-Man has long been a famed character known for his amazing adventures. We created a summer program for Kellogg’s bringing consumers into the action of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with the chance to win amazing prizes. We turned 11 million Kellogg's Snacks packages into amazing experiences. Each code was not only entry to our sweeps, but unlocked levels and exclusive movie clips in our AR web slinging game app. With over 72 million packs distributed in market and over 700 thousand app downloads in three months, users kept coming back to play and unlock more content.

Relaunch for Avon
Out of Home Signage
Direct Mail
Walk Fundraising Kit
Event T-shirts
Web Banners
Website Redesign
Avon Facebook Page

Annual 39.3 Mile Walk


After attending an Avon Breast Cancer walk myself in DC, I was a major asset in helping win this new business pitch. Our first project was to relaunch Avon's walk as donations were on the decline. Other "walk" events were appealing to customers with more relevant and emotional campaigns. Our key idea, was to utilize the emotion of the Avon walk events to all marketing communications and declare that your steps actually do make a difference. We leveraged the power, emotion and exhilaration to reach new participants and drive donations. With direct mail, print ads in People, InStyle and Women's Health, signage at train stations, and so many other touch points growth was seen right away. Website visits increased, participants grew by 21%, and donations were up by 27%.

Key Visual from Photoshoot
Promotional Packaging
Promotional Hutch & Corner Wrap
Email Blast for KFR Members
Spring Photoshoot

Special K Partnership with Nicole by OPI


Special K tasked us with helping women kick start their weight management goals and lose inches with the Special K challenge. We knew OPI would be a great partnership for Special K because when women start wearing a little less clothes, baring a little more skin and breaking out their open-toe shoes, SPK will be there to help them look and feel their best. OPI created five exclusive colors (3 national & 2 store specific) for Special K consumers.With an on pack promotion consumers could enter KFR codes for free nail polish. The full campaign consisted of promotional in-store displays, packaging design, national TV & print ad, FSIs, a high value coupon brochure, blogger reviews of the nail polish colors, and social posts. The success of the first year, locked in a second and third year for OPI and Special K to bring consumers more exclusive colors and a weight management plan.

Program Lockup
Promotional Packs
Shelf blades & Target FSI
Facebook Contest Page & National FSI
Recipe Photoshoot

Kellogg's Eggo 2014

Catapult created a great recipe program for Eggo which ran 2 years prior to me working on it. Eggo has become not only a great breakfast option, but a snack, dessert and canvas for just about anything. My task at hand was to lead my team to develop a more modern, clean look for the program with new recipes for a refreshed program expanding to not only Mom and kids but to recipe enthusiasts and DIY lovers. How the contest works? Consumers upload photos of their favorite and different Eggo recipes, made with anything from ice cream to savory options like chicken. Each recipe entry not only gives them a chance to win, but could be featured on pack next year. We provided many recipes to inspire and entice Eggo fans with more ways to use Eggo. The program consisted of all the ideal touch points like social engagement on facebook, packaging design, shelf blades in the freezer section, prime location in freezer endcaps, freezer clings, FSIs and more.

The Official Snack of Football
Helmet Hutches
Promotional Mini Hutch
Cracker Mod Display
"Look of Success"
Web banners
Kurt Warner at Photoshoot
Model "Fans" at Photoshoot
Header photo in S&S
Mini Hutches in Lobby at S&S
Cracker Mods in Kroger

Cheez-it & Pringles Partnership with Kurt Warner


Our task, although always a challenge for "Big Game" without rights to anything football related, went off without a hitch this year. We were asked to create a fully integrated program driving sales of Cheez-it and Pringles weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. This year, Kellogg's Snacks became the "Official Snack of Football", giving the brands a place and ownership during a very competitive time. Fans were also able to live out their football dreams by getting a chance to win a trip to Kurt Warner's Ultimate Football Experience program (a weekend of playing flag football on a team with Kurt and other athlebrities). We partnered with Kurt as spokesman, giving consumers solutions to their super bowl snacking needs through high value coupons and recipes using Kellogg Snack products.

Munch Mania Key Visual
National Promotional Hutch
Arizona Specific Promotional Hutch
National Promotional Cracker Mod
Dump Bin Promotional Display
POP-A-SHOT Chair - Sales Incentive
Pop-A-Shot at UCONN game 1/4
Pop-A-Shot at UCONN game 1/4
Time Out Game Set Up
Web on


Cheez-it Partnership with 15 Colleges 2016


The Kellogg’s Snacks client had an opportunity to partner with over a dozen colleges without the need to obtain NCAA rights. Though exciting, this daunting task meant we had to so find creative ways to bring through not only regional displays (15 different designs!), but also a national program that grabbed the attention of consumers during the March Madness craze - of course without being able to say “March Madness”! We developed a promotion called Munch Mania that gave consumers the chance to win a trip to see the Final 4 and play in a game of pickup with celebs. This wildly successful program included in-store POS, local radio scripts, email blasts to students and season ticket holders, t-shirt giveaways, a pop-a-shot game during a time out, signage around the court, and so much more! Received Silver Design of the Times Award 2016.


Promotional Hutch Side Panels
Lobby Display
Promotional Hutch & National FSI
Promotional Packaging
Coupon Brochure


Special K Features Real Women 2012

The start of the year is a key time for new healthy ambitions. Special K made ripples in that wave by asking shoppers to take the Special K challenge and "gain" when they lose weight. This ad campaign set the ground work for us to bring through a new approach to the meal plan challenge in-store. Our pack design & displays extended the "What will you gain when you lose" ad campaign into a rich emotional territory with inspiring vignettes of personal triumph and gains featuring 3 real women and their story about what they gained when they lost weight on the Special K challenge. The campaign came to life in-store with vibrant watercolor imagery featuring these real women and a limited edition brochure giving consumers guidelines, sample meal plans, recipes and $10 in savings. We asked these women for one word to describe their journey and what they "gained". Our promotional approach also aloud for consumers to win workout gear. We pushed their stories out to the masses helping other women stay on track, be inspired and look to Special K as a way to kick start their weight loss.

Keebler Holiday
Promotional Packaging
Lobby Display
Base Wrap & Mini Hutch
2015 Gift with Purchase Display
In-store Photo
In-store Photo
Photoshoot Recipe Image
Photoshoot Recipe Image
Photoshoot Recipe Image
Photoshoot Recipe Image
Photoshoot Recipe Image

HOLIDAY 2014 & 2015
Keebler Crackers & Cookies 

The Holidays are one of the most competitive key weeks in store for a brand like Keebler. How do you stand out in a sea of red, green, and everyone too scared to be too "Christmas"? After a deep dive in what the competition was doing, we created larger then life present displays that featured taste appeal and bright jewel toned colors that was sure to make an impact. With hands on development of structure and 3D bows, these easy to assemble displays gained lobby space in most retail locations. This modular display caught the eye of many, causing packs to fly off shelf. Or it could have been the fact that packs were seeded with gift cards valuing up to $100. An instant gift from Keebler to help bring more joy to the holidays. For year 2, we brought consumers even more with a Gallo Wine & Cracker Barrel Cheese partnership. Each pack design featured a simple cracker & cheese recipe and wine pairing. This allowed for out of aisle merchandising and incremental displays. Additionally, we created a holiday serving tray free with purchase featured in the middle of a Mod display.

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