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Food, Adventure & Art - the 3 things that make me tick. When it comes to food, I love to indulge, experiment and experience the flavors of the world. Adventures big and small have become part of my DNA. I quickly get a travel itch if it's been too long since my last trip. I love to share the beauty I find while traveling, and the cultures I have experienced. As of today, Chiang Mai, Thailand was by far my favorite place. I hope to travel to a new destination or two each year, never repeating one I have already seen. Although I cannot always take on a big adventure, I try to find the excitement and fun in each day, at work and at home with my family. 

Art for me comes in many forms. I need to express my creativity at all times. From interior design, to hand crafts, pottery, painting, drawing, photography, and so much more. Having an artistic eye is both a blessing and a curse. My outfits, my shelves, fireplace mantle, the garden, even the somewhat organized mess in the back of my car... if it's not visually interesting & balanced I need to fix it. And forget about going to a restaurant without analyzing the menu design, or passing a billboard or Metro North signage! The blessings the artistic eye brings, seem to surpass any of the anxiety imperfect design may bring. 




At the height of the pandemic last spring, I decided to create a brand. A bow brand. I learned to sew and started making bows for little girls across America. I created The Fuzzy Bumblebee which is now a little empire of almost 2,000 mamas. I hand make and sell bows about 2 times a month, fulfilling orders single handedly. Between photographing, advertising, a facebook group community, Etsy shop, instagram account and more, I am so proud of what my little shop has become. Every 3 months I total sales and donate bows to nicu babies, foster children and any other connections I come across. I am overwhelmed with excitement of how big The Fuzzy Bumblebee has become in just a year. I get so much joy with every purchase and photo shared. My bows have become a part of families lives, through family photos, easter baskets, stocking stuffers, milestone photos, mommy and me moments, baby shower gifts, etc. 

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